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Relishing Ideas to Make Your Iced Coffee Taste Better

iced coffee

Summers are here and it is sure that you must be craving to binge upon the iced coffee, leaving that hot latte. Obviously, your body looks out to have colder caffeine in the hot months.

When you think about iced coffee, all that comes to your mind is a large glass filled with black brew, with foam to the brim, a tall straw dipped into it and ice cubes.

Isn’t it? However, do you know that you can give a twist to your regular iced/cold coffee and make it more interesting? If not then you are on the right page.

This blog discusses some of the relishing ideas to make your iced coffee taste better and different every day.

Go through the interesting ideas discussed below and make your coffee ever more interesting-

Ideas to Make Your Regular Iced Coffee More Delicious

# Add Cardamom – Have you thought why your regular tea tastes so good? It is all because of cardamom that you get that such pleasing aroma and taste.

So, why not try this ingredient in your coffee? What you can do is just grind up a few cardamoms in your coffee beans and then put it all together in the coffee filter.

Later, you can add more spices of your choice to it and even add cocoa to it. So, here you will get a mocha twist in your coffee.

# Add Coffee Ice Cubes – It’s time to stop letting your coffee go watery with the ice melting. Yeah, try coffee ice cubes now. For this, you just need to fill brewed coffee in your ice tray and then freeze it for a few hours.

Once they are frozen, you can add these coffee cubes and drink the strongest and tastiest coffee ever. To the last sip, you won’t lose the aroma and taste of the coffee.

# Try Thai iced coffee- If you have tried the ever scrumptious Thai iced tea then you know how well it tastes. So, how about adding that Thai flavor to your coffee as well?

This coffee is made with coffee beans and cream in the ratio of two and one respectively. It is mostly ice cream and there is hardly anybody who will say not to ice cream.

# Try Vanilla Coconut Milk – Adding vanilla coconut milk might seem odd but it is going to add a fabulous taste to your coffee. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself.

To prepare this flavored iced coffee, you can add honey and vanilla to a can of coconut milk. Make sure that you take full fat coconut milk to get the real taste of it.

After blending all this together, you can add it all to your black coffee. Slurp, slurp! It is sure to enliven your taste buds. This drink will be somewhere between your breakfast and dessert.

Yes, it will keep you full for longer.

Besides all these easily known ingredients, you can also try adding Horchata to your coffee and make it “Cochata”. All those who have earlier tasted Mexican Horchata would be knowing the real taste of it.

It has the goodness of sweetness and tastes creamy, a bit of spicy and a lot more refreshing. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Oh yes, it definitely does!

You can check out the recipe of Cochata on the internet and prepare it yourself at home. Else, you can also buy it from a café near your place and then have it ready in just a few minutes.

Reaching out to the best café to try the iced coffee

If you are feeling too lazy to prepare yourself a glass of iced coffee then you visit a nice shake franchise near you. These days, the shake franchises are all up with the newest flavors of milkshakes like apple, mango, anjeer, etc.

waffles of all kinds and even coolers. After visiting one such shake franchise, you can expect to get the finely brewed cold coffee with all the unique flavors that you are expecting to try.

Just make sure that you choose only the best of shake franchises present in your city. For this, you must first shortlist a few franchises after browsing through the internet.

You will find a few that are on the top results of the search engines, so you should shortlist from among them only.

Just check out the menu of that shake franchise and see what all kinds of shakes and coffees it offers so that you can try other sweet shakes as well with your favorite iced coffee.

In fact, you can take a quick look at the customer testimonials to get an idea into the taste and quality of services of that shake franchise.

So, it is time to try out the most unique flavors of iced coffee and pamper your taste buds. Happy coffee binging!

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