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Secret Ingredients to Make Your Waffle Flavorsome The American Shakes

best waffle

It’s time to take out your waffle iron and make the most relishing waffles that you’ve ever tasted. Waffles are almost everybody’s choice but not all are able to add that unique flavor to it.

This blog attempts at giving you the newest of new flavor ideas to turn your plain, boring waffle into a flavorsome one.

There is everything that you can do with your waffle, as you can make it sweet, too sweet, salty, spicy and tangy too.

All you need to have is the right secret ingredient to add extra flavor to your waffles. Go through this blog to know about some interesting secret waffle ingredients.

Some Unique Ingredients to Make Your Waffle Tastier

# Coffee – If you are a caffeine lover then you can give your favorite coffee a try in your waffles as well. To add that goodness of coffee, you can just whip a bit of powdered sugar and coffee and then sprinkle it over your waffle.

Try adding vanilla essence, chocolate or hazelnut to the whipped cream to make the dish tastier. Going with the seasonal fruits, stirred with chocolate sauce would also be a great option to pep-up the taste of your waffle.

# Maple Syrup – Maple syrup is very dear to pancakes but here’s the time that you might want to try it on your waffles too. It’s used due to its sweet and tangy flavor.

What you can do is just add the syrup to the wet ingredients before mixing it in your flour and other dry ingredients. This way, your waffles will have an imbued flavor of maple syrup.

Want more? Pour the syrup onto your waffles for that tasty mess. Topping it all with fresh fruits wouldn’t hurt. Go for it!

# Pumpkin Puree – If you are a big fan of pumpkin-spiced lattes then try it over your waffles too. But here, you got to use the pumpkin puree in place of pumpkin pie filling.

The first part will include adding a tinge of pie spice and then whipping the egg whites till the time they get stiff. You can then add it all to your waffle batter and may top it with maple syrup, whipped cream, and chopped pecans.

No doubt, you are going to fall for this best waffle.

# Cocoa Powder – In the middle of making waffle batter? Add cocoa powder to it. Yes, cocoa powder will get you the perfect waffle batter. Want to make it stronger? Throw in some chocolate chips, chunks, and sauce.

Oh yeah! The waffle will taste heavenly. With the waffle ready on your plate, you can serve it well with the ice cream scoops, cherries, hot chocolate fudge sauce, and even fruits.

There’s always room for customizations. Go, play with nuts too on the top!

# Coconut Milk and Oil – Haven’t heard of coconut milk & oil in a waffle? Give it a try now. If you prefer making your waffle dairy-free then drop milk and try coconut milk.

Yea, you’ll be surprised to see how a little change to the flavor can satiate your taste buds better. Likewise, you can replace your regular oil with coconut oil and can also add toasted coconut flakes.

If you wish to try something really unique, you might go for cardamom and a few curry leaves.

# Molasses and Ginger- This may seem to be a not-so-common ingredient but once tried can make you a fan of it. The lovers of gingerbread are going to adore this flavored waffle a lot.

It might demand you to experiment but keep it simple. Just add a bit of powdered sugar and whip up some vanilla icing to give it a different taste.

Besides this, you can also try stuffing bacon between two waffles, add spices and sauces in the right ratio that you want. Trying out even a sourdough by combining it with sugar and milk.

You can find out the whole recipe of it on the internet. Other secret ingredients include cinnamon added with brown sugar, buttermilk, cornstarch, and others. Rest, you can experiment on your own and add flavors that you wish to.

Also, you can look-out for a shakes franchise that serves the best waffle and shakes to enjoy with it.

To find out any best waffle and shakes franchise nearby your place, you can just browse through the internet and look for the ones that are on the top results of the search engine.

It is always better to read the customer feedback of that each shakes and waffle franchise in order to know about the quality of dishes that the shakes franchise is offering.

Going through the menu is also good to know the prices of the waffles beforehand only. So, you can now either enjoy making waffles at home or visit your nearby shakes franchise to try them.

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