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Surprising Health Benefits of Having Mango Shakes and Juices

Surprising Health Benefits of Having Mango Shakes and Juices

Are you a die-hard lover of mangoes? But avoid having them thinking they are not healthy? If this is the case this blog is for you only.

Mango- the king of fruits is a much favorite fruit of many around the world. With so many varieties of mangoes available in and outside India, people love it for its sweet and tangy taste.

In fact, some are a fan of its fresh fragrance and can binge upon mangoes anytime. They usually grow in tropical climates only and are known to have multiple health benefits.

If we talk about the nutrition facts of mangoes, a cup of mango juice has in it around 128 calories, carbohydrates up to 0.8 grams, calcium- 43 grams, magnesium- 8 grams, selenium- 1 mcg, protein and other.

Also, it has multiple vitamins including C, A, B, E, & K. You should know that when you will have a cup of mango shakes, your daily requirement of vitamin C and vitamin A will be fulfilled.

If you are still pondering over the benefits of having mango shake or juice then you must go through the following benefits. Once you have understood the benefits, you will never overlook the importance of having mangoes.

Health Benefits of Mango Shakes and Juices

# Maintains Blood Pressure – Know that mangoes are rich in magnesium and potassium and when they are turned into a milkshake, they become rich in calcium too.

All this helps greatly in controlling the blood pressure, as potassium balances body fluids and supports health. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then having a mango juice or shake can help you lower it.

Mangoes have tinnginya fiber, vitamin C and pectin that helps the body in reducing the serum cholesterol levels and lowering the high blood pressure.

# Controls Acidity – If you didn’t know it yet then here it is. Mangoes are alkaline in nature and they have loads of fiber in them, which in turn supports better digestion.

It controls excess acidity and aids in the digestive system. In addition to this, they have the presence of citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid in them, which is known to maintain the body’s alkaline nature.

All these acids that are mentioned here are a boon to the digestive tract. When you drink a glass of milkshake, enzymes present in it break the protein into simpler form and helps indigestion.

# Prevents Diabetes – If you think having mangoes increased your weight then you just don’t know the truth. Mangoes are known for bringing the insulin levels to a normal level and thus, it controls sugar levels in the body.

So, the next time when you are having an urge to have a glass of mango juice or shake, just don’t think even twice. You can have it to enjoy its health benefits.

# Weight Gain – If you have been tired taking medicines for gaining weight then switch to a natural medicine i.e. mangoes.

Yes, you heard it right! Mangoes are known to have protein in them which helps in maintaining a proper weight. If you are a skinny being then you can have mango shake twice in a day, especially during summers.

You should know that 150 grams contain around 86 calories which are simply too good for a skinny person. However, if you are on a heavier side then also you can enjoy a cup of mango shake to acquire its other benefits.

With so many benefits listed above, you should not restrict yourself to have mango shake or juice. You can either try preparing milkshake at your home.

all you have to do is peel and cut mango, put it into your mixer and add milk and bit of sugar. Just grind it all together and your mango shake is ready.

You can garnish it with pomegranate seeds and can even vanilla ice cream in it. Yes, the experiments can go beyond.

Also, you can reach your nearest shake franchise to try out the mango shake and juice. The benefit that you will get after visiting a shake shop is that you will be able to try a variety of other shakes as well.

The menu option for you would be endless then. And, when it comes to choosing the right shake franchise then you have will have to do your research and look for the one that is on the top of the search engines.

To ensure its good quality, what you can do is just go through the reviews of that shake franchise and you will know what other people are saying about it. Choose the one with all the positive reviews.

So, it’s the time to try out the tastiest mango shakes and juices and be healthier. Happy binging!

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