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The American Shakes Shaking Up the Food & Beverage Industry

franchise in indiaMilkshake is a very popular beverage with many folks and kids. There are various types of milkshakes available in the markets which have made folks crazy about.

Additionally, milkshakes are delicious and healthy. Various types of ingredients are used to prepare shakes of distinctive flavors. Some shakes are easy to make even at home.

But if you want to enjoy a milkshake of distinct flavor then you should head towards the milkshake café.

The American Shakes is one of the leading name and affordable milkshake brand that is shaking up the food & beverage industry.

The brand has gained huge popularity among the people because of having a menu of a wide range of milkshake of unique taste and flavors.

The American Shakes is offering affordable authentic milkshakes of great tastes at its outlets across India. Milkshakes are prepared carefully with great cleanliness and hygienic standards.

Customers are assured of authentic shakes of great tastes and precise combination of nutrition, taste, and health.

You can enjoy here an authentic Indian milkshake choosing from a wide range of milkshakes incorporated with different flavors.

Butterscotch Milkshake, Oreo Milkshake, Alphonso Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake, Mint Oreo Cookies Milkshake, Kit Kat Shake, Freak Shake, Walnut Brownie Shake, Exotic Pan Shake,

and Vanilla Milkshake is a popular milkshake range you can find at any outlet of The American Shakes.

Fresh fruits, veggies, and natural flavors are used to prepare the milkshakes at The American Shakes franchise in India.

The shakes are garnished and topped up with using quality ingredients such as dry fruits, branded chocolates, and fresh fruits.

Due to its best practices in preparing the milkshakes of great tastes and distinct flavors, The American Shakes have been a popular name in the Indian food and beverage industry to get a franchise in India.

While customers prepare to take their favorite milkshake only at The American Shakes’ outlet, other persons who have interested in the business of food and beverage are preparing to take the franchises of The American Shakes.

The brand also offers franchise opportunities in India for those people who are interested to get into a small business with low investment.

The food & beverage industry is one of the most high-growth and high-profit sectors. People can get into this business by making low investment and earn money with good margins.

The shake brand offers flexible and distinctive franchise models that can be customized. Furthermore, the brand also offers total support and training to its franchisees and their staff for the smooth operation of the outlet.

If you join hands with The American Shakes then you will get remarkable customer experience and franchisee support from the side of the brand.

You will be provided SOP and business manual which will ensure your growth in the business.

You will also provide support in site selection, advertising & marketing, pre-opening support, store launch support, post-opening support, ongoing training & support, and digital marketing support.

There are many more reasons to choose The American Shakes when it comes to getting into the food and beverage business.

The American Shakes is committed to serving the authentic milkshakes of great tastes and distinctive flavors across all its outlets at affordable rates.

Additionally, the company has the vision to become the number 1 milkshake brand and franchisor in India through its collective and effective teamwork.

Top Reasons to Choose The American Shakes to Enjoy Milkshake 

# Prepared with real fresh fruits & veggies

Garnished with high-quality dry fruits, branded chocolates, and other ingredients

No use of preservatives and bottled/packaged flavoring agents

Crafted with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene

Great Taste, High Nutrition, and Affordable Rates

A wide range of authentic shakes of different flavors to choose from

Top Reasons to Become The American Shakes Franchise in India 

Long years of experiences in the food and beverage industry

Low investment and high returns

Unique business concept and business plan (SOP & ROI Plan)

Brand recognition benefits and total support at every step

Remarkable franchise support and ongoing support

Comprehensive training to store owner and staff for the smooth operation of the store

Top-notch marketing and advertising support including digital marketing support

Billing software installation and support

The brand “The American Shakes” is indeed popular among both segments of folks – crazy shake lovers and business-minded people who want to get into the food & beverage business at minimal investment.

Indeed, The American Shakes is the name you can trust, whether you want to enjoy an authentic shake with a great flavor or want to get a franchise of the brand to open your own milkshake outlet.

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