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What Should You Eat While Drinking Smoothies?

what should you eat

We love replacing one meal a day with healthy drinks such as smoothies and shakes especially when we want to lose weight. But, you can bump it to two meals if you are using the right ingredients to get your daily nutrition.

To make your smoothie healthier try to make your smoothie by yourself at your home instead of having it at any shakes or smoothies outlets in your area.

This is because the vendors will add artificial sweeteners and other substitutes which is not at all good for your health, especially when you want to lose weight.

People have a misconception or belief that they should intake more liquids in order to lose weight which is actually a myth. Though liquid is good for weight loss but, consuming solid foods are way healthier than liquids.

Always remember that your body needs more than just the calories, your body needs nutrients also, which may be lacking in liquid diets.

Hence, you should not only drink juices or smoothies but, also eat fruits and veggies too. Whether you are doing with simple juices or smoothies, the goal is never to drink only smoothies, we want you to have normal meals too.

Well, you can pair your smoothies with some delicious foods.

If you need some guidance for what to eat while gulping the greens then, we will suggest you eat the real food that is free from processed sugars and food ingredients.

When you are replacing your meal with green smoothies then make sure to add a protein boost and healthy fats to get the complete nutrients as you get from your meal.

For protein, you should use plant-based protein powder, nut milk, and nut butter and for healthy fats, you can add avocado or coconut oil to complete your meal.

Or, you can eat dry fruits or nuts or a hard-boiled egg (30-60 minutes boiled) after you drink your green smoothie. This will keep you satisfied throughout the day.

But, as smoothies are prepared with the right ingredients and it is balanced with the right proportions of fat, protein, and carbohydrate so, you won’t need anything extra to eat with smoothies.

If yet, you want to add something to eat while gulping your favorite smoothie then you can have a wholegrain toast and anything light that does not contain added sugar.

Here are some other healthy snacks and foods that you can eat while drinking your smoothie: –

Dry Fruits or Nuts with Smoothies

Replace those fried snacks like wafers or chips with healthy and nutritious dry fruits and nuts. You can eat an apricot, pistachios, walnut, cashew nut, almonds, etc.

while drinking the smoothie. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. The experts and nutritionists suggest eating dry fruits every day.

Cottage Cheese with Smoothies

Cottage cheese is low in calories. It is recommended by the nutritionists to add it to your healthy diet. Cottage cheese not only provides proteins but it is also packed with essential nutrition.

And this is the reason it is consumed by most athletes to lose weight. So, you can also eat cottage cheese with a green smoothie.

Green Leafy Vegetable

Nutritionists often recommended regular intakes of green leafy vegetables because they contain health-beneficial components. This helps in maintaining your cardiovascular, digestive system, skin and eye health too.

So, you can cook and eat green leafy vegetables with your smoothie. And if your smoothie already contains such leafy greens then you don’t require to eat additional vegetables.

Banana with Peanut Butter

Cut a banana into slices and pour peanut butter in between two slices of banana just as you do while making a sandwich. This mini-sandwiches taste is as good as it looks and you can eat them with your smoothie.

As peanut butter is a good source of protein and nutritious so this helps in weight loss too.

Whether you want to lose weight or just following a healthy diet don’t forget to add green smoothie in your diet. And while gulping your smoothie you can eat these foods to make it even healthier.

There are many milkshake shops or outlets that offer you wide varieties of delicious milkshakes or smoothies but, to have healthy smoothies or shakes full of nutrition you should make your own smoothie.

There are many smoothie recipes that we have already share with you in our previous blogs which will help you to have healthy and super delicious smoothies and shakes.

And if you want to get into milkshake or smoothies business then, you can buy milkshake franchise from The American Shakes. And start your own milkshake shop to make money.

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