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How to Propose Her on Your First Smoothie Date?

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Planning to propose your girl this Valentine? Also, keep in mind that not every girl likes a steaming cup of coffee in a food franchise. Some like a chilled glass of Oreo shake or a nice Kiwi smoothie.

Taking her on a smoothie date? If yes then the day has to be extra more special, with lots of preparations to be done.

So, for your ‘cool’ babes, here are some of the ideas to propose her and get a ‘Yes’.

Think of a round table set among the white silk curtains, with amber lights around, red wine on the table and the proposal ring in your hand. Well, no girl would ever be able to say no to such a romantic proposal.

If your budget allows then you can also hire musicians to play either a saxophone or violin while the date is on.


Before starting with the day, it is inevitable to know your girl. If you are unaware of her likes and dislikes then the entire proposal surprise might backfire, as you might end up doing things that she unlike the most.

Below discussed are some of the tips or ways that can make your proposal effective:-

Planned Surprise                                                                                

Of course, surprises are always planned. If you wish to give your lover a surprise when you need to brainstorm harder about it.

First, you need to decide whether the surprise is to be given in the daytime or at night and then accordingly, go ahead with it. If it is in the day time then you should avoid planning anything in an open space.

You would not want to sweat in the scorching sun while having a shake with your beloved, right? Since the planning has to be done a few days before, you cannot be sure of the weather condition on the big day.

The weather on the booking date might be pleasant but highly unpleasant on the proposal day. Thus, it is better to plan the day-time proposal in a covered space only.

The benefit of the day-time proposal is that you will have an ample amount of time to spend with her, as you can think of dinner too together.

On the other hand, if you are going for an evening surprise then the options have a wider scope. Yes, you can here make use of an open space whether its terrace of a restaurant or a garden restaurant.

Such dates must be avoided if the weather is rainy.

Make it Interesting

There is always space for interesting elements. You must try adding something interesting to your dates such as a love test where you both can ask about likes, dislikes, favorites and other love questions from each other.

You might ask about the day when you both first met, the first gift that was exchanged and the first time when you expressed love to each other. This is going to be interesting only if you both don’t fight on wrong answers.

Buying her favorite flowers, champagne and playing her much loved music can pep-up your date.

No Random Dating Advice

If you think proposing her during bungee jumping or at her cousin’s wedding is a good idea, just because your colleague advised you that, then it is actually not.

You will get tens of advice and ideas from your friends but dare not try to apply them all. Not all idea is going to work well with you. If your date has acrophobia then nothing can be worse than approaching her on an adventure trip.

It simply means that you should not just blindly follow what others are advising, instead, get your imagination rolling. Do what you think would surprise your beloved and make your date even more special.

While searching for a good place to enjoy your favorite shake or smoothie, you can think of going to a shake and food franchise.

While they will get you a glass of chilled watermelon mojito, you can order hot chocolate fudge with cold vanilla ice-cream on the top.

Sounds so relishing! In fact, some of the shake shops also do special arrangements for the couples, like a table left reserved and decorated with balloons and others.

What you can do is enquire about it all from the shakes and food franchise prior to your proposal day.

To find one such good shakes and food franchise, you can browse through the internet and check out their ambiance and menu.

If you think that it has everything that you want to propose your beloved on Valentine’s Day then give no second thoughts. Just book the table and start executing your plan now. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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