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Tips to Turn Your French Fries Healthier – The American Shakes

french fries

Have you become a pro in preparing fast food? Thinking to add an element of health in your food? If yes then let’s start with French fries. French fries are a big-time favorite of both kids and grown-ups.

Whether it is McD, Burger King or any other restaurant like BurgerWorger, French fries are the first-to-order dish for the majority. After all, who doesn’t enjoy hot, crispy potato fries tossed in spices?

Indeed, everybody does. However, have you ever thought of a number of calories these fries contain? Enough to turn you chubby.

This blog will give you some of all the all-time tips and secrets to turn your French fries healthier. Go through them now-

Ways to Make Your French Fries Healthier

# Prefer Baking – The foremost step to turn your French fries healthy is to bake them instead of frying. Traditional frying can fill the fries with loads of calories and fats, which is surely is not at all healthy.

Thus, you can try baking them by going overboard with the oil. You should choose olive oil for it and just pour a bit on the potatoes, toss them lightly and then bake.

Also, you can give your fries just a mist of oil by spraying the olive oil on them with a spray bottle. All you need to do then is to just spread the potatoes on the baking sheet and bake them at the right temperature.

# No Salt- Want to avoid bloating after having salty French fries? Skip the salt. If you have this habit of sprinkling the salt every time when you prepare French fries then it is the time that you get over it now.

Instead of using salt, you can opt for other tastemakers such as thyme, paprika, garlic, cumin, and rosemary. If you like a bit of sweet flavor then you can go with nutmeg, cinnamon and other ingredients that you like.

# Keep It Oil-free – If you want to make your plate of French fries absolutely healthy then go oil-free. Yes, you can bake the fries without a pinch of oil. For this, you will have to use vegetable broth or whisked egg whites.

Put the potatoes in the oven and remember to toss or turn them after a while, so that they are golden-brown from all the sides. This would be the best tip to turn your French fries healthier.

# Skinny Dip – Usually, you enjoy your French fries with the tomato sauce, which is known to have many calories and sugar. In order to make your fries healthier, you can replace this ketchup with a skinny dip.

You can prepare a healthy dip at home by using olive oil or by creating a fusion of yogurt and ketchup. This dip will even fulfill the need of your protein.

# Use Sweet Potatoes – You can choose sweet potatoes to make French fries. The reason behind that sweet potatoes are sweet and thus, they taste different and tastier.

Also, you should know that sweet potato are a good source of vitamin A and fiber, which is the basic requirement of a human body.

If you wish to add more flavor to your regular French fries then the options are many.

You can boost the flavor by sprinkling different spices over your fries such as cumin powder, chili powder, garlic powder, pizza seasoning, black pepper, and others.

With this, you can also try out a roasted garlic puree, salsa sauce with added fresh herbs and even the guacamole puree will add an exotic taste to your typical salty French fries.

To try out healthy and tasty French fries, you can visit a nice reputed shakes franchise. To reach the best shake franchise in Delhi, you can browse through the internet and gain information about the different shake shops.

You should read the testimonials of these stores to know about the actual quality of their services and products. What the other customers who have already tried the products of that store say about it does matter a lot.

The shake franchises that have positive reviews are good to go but on the other hand, negative reviews mean a big no. You should not visit a store with which customers are not satisfied.

Also, while choosing that one shake franchise, you should also consider the variety of shakes and snacks offered and most importantly, the prices of it all. The one you find the best dishes at the most competitive prices must be chosen.

Thus, here is the time to try out the healthiest French fries at the best shake franchise!

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